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25 Actions That Miley Is Sexy While Remaining G-Rated

Miley Cyrus can twerk and thrust, but she also looks gorgeous in some much more family-presentable actions.

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1. When she fixed her hair.

2. When she covered her face with hair.

3. When she did a laugh and shoulder rotation at once.

4. When she counted.

5. When she shrugged.

6. When she excitedly picked something and said, "Yeah!"

7. When she turned her head to the camera.

8. When she laughed.

9. When she danced.

10. When she covered her mouth like she just told a secret.

11. When she bit her glasses.

12. When she laughed and looked down.

13. When she played with her necklace and winked.

14. When she kissed her dog tag.

15. When she got inspirational.

16. When she judged you a little and laughed a little.

17. When she strutted like a diva.

18. When she smiled directly at the camera.

19. When she gives a big wink.

20. When she boogies down when she's already kneeling.

21. When she realizes she rocked that concert.

22. When she moves her head and still frames it with her hands.

23. When she glances up.

24. When her hair blows perfectly.

25. When she's reading this article on her Mac.

(Okay, she's not... but...)

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