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16 Cats Considering 2016 White House Bid

Some cats just want more wet food.

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1. This cat realized he should run for office.

2. This cat eats, sleeps, and breathes America.

3. This cat wrote a bestselling memoir hinting heavily at a run for president.

4. This cat is a cat you'd like to have a beer with.

5. This cat watched too much "House of Cards."

6. This cat decided long ago to become her own role model.

7. This cat has binders just full of women.

8. This cat can't find his birth certificate.

9. This cat just wants what's best for his family.

10. This kitten just wants everypawdy to get along.

11. This cat mistakenly thought Elizabeth II was Britain's Head of Government.

12. This cat knows where he stands on the issues that matter.

13. This cat has other plans for Big Bird.

14. This cat just wants more wet food.

15. It wouldn't be the first time a cat has won an election.

16. This cat is ready to hold the United States' highest office.

Because which Clinton really called the shots?

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