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    11 Reasons Why Greensboro Is America's Most Underrated College Town

    We’re home to 50,000 college students and seven colleges and universities: UNCG, N.C. A&T, Guilford College, Bennett College, Greensboro College, Guilford Tech Community College and Elon Law School. That’s more college students per capita than Boston. Here’s some of the things we get into:

    1. FREE shit.

    National Folk Festival / Via

    Why pay for entertainment when there’s The National Folk Festival, Sunday mimosas at Weatherspoon Art Museum, The City Market in the South End (live music, fresh food, hippy jewelry, basically handcrafted everything), Hopfest (great bands, food trucks and the praise of craft beer) and free movies in the City Center lawn! #sogso

    2. Hipster Food Haven

    Ethnosh / Via Facebook: Ethnosh

    Hook up with Ethnosh , which hosts Noshups, a $5 monthly ethnic food event. Burn our face off Haitian food? Yes, please.

    We love vegetarians, vegans, the gluten-free, bacon-eaters, local, fresh and the socially-conscious. Check out grits at Old Mill of Guilford, raw milk (on the DL at area farmers’ markets) and biscuits the size of your face at Smith Street Diner (I’m not joking they are massive).

    3. Social Justice / Via

    We continue to make history. Greensboro is known for our role in the original 1960 lunch-counter sits ins started by four young men of NC A&T. Even in 2015 it is likely to see numerous displays of political activism. The lunch counter now serves as the International Civil Rights Museum. In Greensboro, we're working to make it known that #BlackLivesMatter

    We’ve also got our very own street activist band...yep those exist and Cakalak Thunder is the bomb!

    4. Thriving Music Scene

    Rebecca Harrelson / Via Rebecca Harrelson

    We definitely don’t mind getting a little sweaty dancing our asses off to Holy Ghost Tent Revival (a non stop high energy band from the Boro). No matter where you go in Greensboro - The Blind Tiger, Cone Denim Entertainment Center - our live music scene is thriving. Jam sessions at house parties and coffee shops are bursting at the seams with musicians any night of your choosing.

    If that's not your scene, go to the year's biggest concert tours at the Greensboro Coliseum - which has more seats than Madison Square Garden.

    5. Independent Coffee Shops

    The Green Bean / Via Facebook: 72513132476

    Oh wait, speaking of coffee (the socialite's nectar) There’s no falling asleep in class with a caffeine fix from The Green Bean, Tate Street, Geeksboro (coffee shop + cinema), Common Grounds or the newly opened Urban Grinders (street art gallery and coffeehouse). Your need for independent coffee will be satisfied here, I swear.

    6. Breweries

    Rebecca Harrelson / Via Rebecca Harrelson

    Put down your red Solo cup, grow a beard and have a craft beer right where they brew it (but really). Red Oak, Natty Greene’s, Gibbs Hundred, and Preyer are just a few of the great hangout spots for beer lovers. Not to mention our specialty bottle shops, Beer Co and Gate City Growlers...Just trust us, we’ve got your alcohol consumption covered. (And Ubers for 24/7 safety!)

    7. A&T's Homecoming, A.K.A., The Greatest Homecoming on Earth

    NCA&T Homecoming 2015 / Via Facebook: events

    You know homecoming is real when people who do not go to the university come to attend! I guess that’s expected from the largest HBCU in the nation. This truly is the Greatest Homecoming on Earth #GHOE

    8. Our Great Outdoors

    City of Greensboro Parks and Rec / Via

    Put down your cell, stop responding to emails and get outside. With 90 miles of trails and greenways, our parks basically look like scenes from movies. #justsayin

    9. Racial Diversity

    Rebecca Harrelson / Via Rebecca Harrelson

    More than 50 percent of the residents are racial or ethnic minorities. Residents speak 90+ languages. So we’ve got awesome soul food at Stephanie’s Restaurant and stores like Li Ming’s Global Market and international grocer Super G Mart.

    UNCG brings many students and community members together with their International Festival on UNCG’s beautiful campus. Greensboro is also home to Bennett College, a private, all-women, historically black institution.

    10. Local Hangover Eats

    Dame's Chicken & Waffles / Via

    Nothing’s more satisfying than greasy, fried Southern food to revive yourself after a long night of binge drinking and regret. We highly recommend you rally and crawl your hungover self to Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, Smith Street Diner or Biscuitville. #neverdrinkingagain #yeahright

    11. Downtown

    Alex Maness / Via

    Nothing beats an accessible, navigable and eclectic downtown that’s all within a 1-mile radius. For those who love the busy city life but also passing familiar faces on the street; Greensboro truly is beautiful. From Scuppernong Books to vintage enclave Design Archives Emporium and Legacy Irons tattoo shop there's something for everyone downtown. For the social-justice-minded, street art and grassroots conversations are taking over this city - all you need to do to be part of the conversation is simply walk down Elm Street!