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    Proof That Neil Gaiman's Fans Are Actually The Best

    It all started with his book, Stardust, and a single charity auction.

    In 2008, Neil Gaiman donated a rare, signed ARC of his novel "Stardust" to a charity auction.

    The charity auction was Patrick Rothfuss’s "Worldbuilders."

    But every single person who won the book for the last six years has donated it back, to continue benefiting the charity.

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    Here's a timeline of the events, proving that Gaiman's fans are literally the best:

    2008: Gaiman Donates Rare "Stardust" ARC to Worldbuilders


    Amazing! They couldn't use the book that year because of mail delays, but the next year...

    2009: "So we had this book. This beautiful book. This beautiful, *rare* book." –Patrick Rothfuss


    Patrick, being awesome as usual, put the book in the lottery so that anyone who donated to Heifer International through the Worldbuilders team page would have a chance to win this jackpot.

    But then, in an act of altruism that ignited a chain reaction, the winner gave the book back–they only asked that the book be auctioned off the next year so it could raise more money for Heifer.

    2010: "Stardust" Raises Thousands for Charity

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    And the winner, inspired by the previous winner, returned the book to Worldbuilders. And the party escalated.

    2011: To The Victor Go The Spoils?

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    Just kidding! The lucky winner gave "Stardust" back to Worldbuilders, continuing the streak of crazy generosity.

    2012: Against the Odds

    Paramount Pictures

    Unbelievably, the same person won the "Stardust" ARC again the next year. They sent it to her, she got to hold it, and then she donated it back.

    2013: "But when I see the way that mankind loves... You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful." – Yvaine, "Stardust"

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    No matter how this thing ends, it's been a beautiful and wild ride. A numbered (28 out of 250), limited edition ARC of "Stardust" in its own slipcase, signed by Neil Gaiman, is up again in the Worldbuilders lottery. If you donate, you have a chance of winning it–not to mention hundreds of other awesome books and prizes. Hurry–Worldbuilders ends February 2nd!

    Neil Gaiman's fans are everything.

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