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Proof That Neil Gaiman's Fans Are Actually The Best

It all started with his book, Stardust, and a single charity auction.

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Here's a timeline of the events, proving that Gaiman's fans are literally the best:


2009: "So we had this book. This beautiful book. This beautiful, *rare* book." –Patrick Rothfuss


Patrick, being awesome as usual, put the book in the lottery so that anyone who donated to Heifer International through the Worldbuilders team page would have a chance to win this jackpot.

But then, in an act of altruism that ignited a chain reaction, the winner gave the book back–they only asked that the book be auctioned off the next year so it could raise more money for Heifer.

2013: "But when I see the way that mankind loves... You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful." – Yvaine, "Stardust"

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No matter how this thing ends, it's been a beautiful and wild ride. A numbered (28 out of 250), limited edition ARC of "Stardust" in its own slipcase, signed by Neil Gaiman, is up again in the Worldbuilders lottery. If you donate, you have a chance of winning it–not to mention hundreds of other awesome books and prizes. Hurry–Worldbuilders ends February 2nd!