8 Signs You’re A New College Grad

Graduating can be tough. Here are 8 signs you’re a new grad. Via Dancers Among Us

1. You will never again be spending the night in the library… and that somehow makes you sad.

2. You have 1 suit. For interviews.

3. The #1 thing you’re looking forward to after graduation: not having to share your bathroom with 73 other people.

4. T-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants are no longer acceptable daytime wear.

5. You’re singing & dancing to “No more teacher’s dirty looks…” like you were in 5th grade.

6. You wish you had an excuse to be crazy and reckless, but you’re not in college anymore. Sadface.

7. You thought your first job in NYC was going to be like this…

8. …and it’s more like this.

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