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    7 Times Sean "Diddy" Combs Stood With Nissan Workers By Showing Off Everything Except Nissan

    We were surprised to see rapper and producer Sean “Diddy” Combs come out in support of the UAW’s efforts to unionize a Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi. We were also surprised that he actually knew what a Nissan was.

    1. That time he hung out on the tarmac…

    ...not a Nissan in sight.

    2. That time he drove a Ferrari to the opening of Bad Boys 2

    …not a Nissan.

    3. That time he danced around his private jet...

    …certainly not a Nissan.

    4. That time he gave the Biebs a Lamborghini before he even got his driver’s license.

    We’re sure Nissans have better safety features.

    5. That time this Cadillac Escalade he was riding in hit another car…

    ...neither of which were Nissans.

    6. That time he hung out in his silver Lambo...

    …not a Nissan.

    7. And that time he rode through the desert in a new yellow Fiat…

    …not a Nissan.

    We get it, Diddy, you care about the little guy.

    One thing’s for sure…his support for Big Labor will definitely make the President smile.

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