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42 Gifs To Perfectly Describe The College Experience

Welcome to the best 4 years of your life.

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1. Flirting

Because we're not as smooth as our Tinder would lead you to believe

2. Trying to make your own food

Pinterest didn't prepare us for this

3. Studying with friends

*aggressively sends vines back and forth*

4. Being too drunk for your sober friends

I just came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

5. No but really, let us have our fun

6. Walking around campus during bro tank season

7. Dealing with people bailing on your night out

Yeah Friends is great, but what about your ACTUAL FRIENDS

8. Failing a test you studied really hard for

"Is there going to be a curve??"

9. Working out

...or not working out

10. Holding your friend's hair back in a disgusting bar bathroom while she revisits her lunch

Let's face it, you'll be in her position next week

11. Finding out you have a test next week

While also realizing you should've started studying LAST week

12. Hearing your favorite song at the bar

Back up, boys

13. Cooking anything

"How do you know when it's done?"

14. Doing really well on an exam

Your GPA thanks you

15. Going out on a Wednesday even though you have a 9 am the next morning

We're all hungover too, tbh

16. Realizing you left your debit card at the bar

and your ID, and your wallet, and your dignity

17. Making the most out of warm weather

Ah yes, nature

18. Finally getting the solution manuals for all your classes

Chegg just doesn't cut it sometimes

19. When the bar is packed, but you promised you'd get the next pitcher

"Excuse me, make way for the female"

20. Cram sesssions

Thank god for on-campus Starbucks

21. Taking pictures before you hit the bars

Because who knows how they'll turn out when you're 5 shots and 2 bombs in

22. When you have 10 minutes to get to class ALLLLL the way across campus

Yeah sorry I'm late, I forgot to mention I'm not an Olympic track star, but it's cool

23. Meeting the nicest girls in the bathroom at parties and becoming bffs for the night

"Honestly, Brad's making a huge mistake, you deserve someone wayyyy better"

24. Hitting up freshmen to use their meal swipes

All hail dining hall food

25. Trying to pay attention in class

I'm so bored by everyone and everything in this lecture hall

26. Getting out of your last class on a Friday


27. Having to deal with college boys

Yes, I expected you to not make out with my friend the day after we hooked up

28. When there's no cover at your favorite bar

They're our favorite for a reason

29. Taking shots of practically anything

Using a chaser doesn't mean you're weak, it means you VALUE YOUR GAG REFLEX

30. Reading your drunk texts from the night before

And somehow, your roommate still knew to come get you when you sent "So drubk nerd tide"

31. Any time you see a dog on your way to class

*heavy breathing* CAN I PET YOUR DOG ????

32. Skipping an hour of studying to watch 2 episodes of Friends

Could I BE any lazier?

33. Calling your mom when you get stressed out

Because no one will support you quite like your parents

34. Seeing high schoolers complain about finals

You don't even know what a real final is like #bye

35. When you and your friends have to be more sober than you actually are

For some reason, cops don't like the drunk and disorderly

36. Getting a ticket for parking in a staff lot

Who's going to spend 10 minutes looking for a legal spot?

37. When some guy decides to preach in the middle of campus

This is college, we're all sinners here

38. Leaving for Spring Break

It's been real, it's been fun, but SPRANG BREAK

39. The pep talk you give yourself before going out

They can't resist this

40. Getting a tweet about free food on campus

Almost as good as actually eating said food

41. Leaving your finals at the end of the semester

At this point we don't care about the class so don't bother asking us "how the test went"

42. College summed up in 4 words


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