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    14 Fierce Women's Rights Advocates To Watch In 2014

    Extraordinary women like Malala Yousafzai and Beyoncé are championing women’s rights in a big way, but they aren’t alone. Around the world, plenty of inspirational women and men are making waves in support of equality for women and girls.

    1. Pooja Taparia

    2. Edna Adan Ismail

    3. Lydia Sasu

    4. Neema Namadamu

    5. Dr. Christine Dranzoa

    6. Ruwani Renuka

    7. Suraya Pakzad

    8. Linda Chukwunyere

    9. Maria Alicia Calles

    10. Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

    11. Renee Marcelle

    12. Jamila Afghani

    And two pretty fierce men, too...

    13. Sirajul Islam Rony

    14. Juhudi Mbwambo

    15. Want to meet more inspirational women?

    Visit Women Thrive Worldwide online.