10 Beloved Tech Products From Your Childhood That No Longer Exist

Our grandparents talked of computers the size of gymnasiums and t.v. screens the size of postage stamps. Here’s what we’ll be talking about.

1. Car Phones

The cost was so prohibitive that the only time you’d be allowed use one is if you were bleeding to death on the side of the road.

2. VCRs

The blinking clock display…never forget.

3. NES Game Boys

I have a vivid childhood memory of popping open the back of one of these to find a pink gooey mess from exploded batteries…I also probably contracted cancer.

4. Beepers

Precursor to the text-message, it was a revolution despite only being able to send a phone number. Knowing that you could reach a parent or friend who was on-the-go when you really needed to—priceless.

5. Handheld Camcorders

Can you believe our parents put full-sized VHS tapes into these things and lugged them to soccer games?

6. Portable CD Players

Where your music was measured in seconds of ‘skip protection’…and they cost $600 as an upgrade option in new cars.

7. Corded Telephones

The only good thing about this tech was that you had something to fiddle with while talking.

8. Floppy Disks

Smaller form factor, greater data retention capabilities…but we’re still talking about 1.44MB, or just under .009% capacity of $10 16GB USB drives you find on the market today.

9. Tamagotchis

…thank goodness they’re gone.

10. U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodems

Oh the agony of trying to dodge busy signals by using other area codes on AOL (or pissing off your parents with long-distance numbers). And then, at the very end, when you’re almost there, the modem hangs on a high note and never completes its aria…no internet for you.

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