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Top 10 Rejected Names For Scott Walker's PAC

With Wisconsin in his rearview mirror as he runs for president, no one is surprised to hear Scott Walker has launched a new leadership PAC, "Our American Revival," to fund his travel around the country. But what you probably didn't know are the PAC names he rejected along the way.

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1. Don't Call it a Comeback PAC


No, really, don't. Scott Walker has been talking about the "Wisconsin Comeback" for months but fails to mention that Wisconsin lags most of the nation when it comes to wage growth and private sector job growth, and has the worst fiscal reserves of any state in the nation. If that's the plan for "our American revival" we'll pass, thanks.

2. Math is Hard PAC


The Scott Walker claiming that he cut taxes and balanced the budget faces a different reality at home. While Walker is campaigning for president, Wisconsin is facing a $2.2 billion budget deficit for the next biennium that is well on its way to $3 billion and higher. Worse, the state is expected to end the current fiscal year with a $283 million shortfall.

3. Forced Transvaginal Ultrasound PAC


Walker spent months refusing to talk about birth control and abortion because "no one ever talks to him" about that. When his hand was finally forced on the issue he paid some vague lip service to women's healthcare choices, but with his re-election in the past and Wisconsin voters the last thing on his mind, Scott Walker is showing his true colors to caucus voters in Iowa who are on board with his extreme plans to criminalize abortion even in cases of rape or incest and outlaw common forms of birth control and fertility treatments.

4. Walker for Skools and Kolleges PAC


No one cuts public education quite like Scott Walker (thank goodness.) His first budget cut $1.6 billion from K-12 education and $250 million from the world-class UW System, he's put a staggering $124 million into unaccountable voucher schools, and now he's proposing a plan to cut another $300 million from our universities while drastically lowering standards to become a public school teacher.

5. It Wasn't Me PAC


When it comes to his failure to create the jobs he promised, Scott Walker always has an excuse for why it wasn't his fault. Just to name a few of his excuses: Greek debt crisis, the weather, people who are unemployed, conflict in Syria, President Obama, healthcare reform.

6. Blame Jim Doyle PAC


Closely related to the above, when all his other excuses fall short on things like the budget deficit he created or his decision on a casino in Kenosha, Walker can always find the time to blame his predecessor, Gov. Jim Doyle.

7. John Doe PAC


Scott Walker seems to be racing his rival Chris Christie to see who can get to three criminal investigations first. So far, Walker has been the subject of two John Doe criminal corruption probes and has spent more than a million dollars on his criminal defense. The first John Doe investigation resulted in convictions for six of Walker's top aides and long-time associates for crimes, committed on his watch, ranging from felony misconduct in public office to theft of charity funds. Four Walker aides received prison sentences.

8. Hot Ham and Rolls PAC


Sure, Walker tries to paint himself as everyman, with stories about packing his favorite brown bag lunches every day, couponing at Kohl's, and driving his old Saturn around the state. We'll give the governor this -- he's no Mitt Romney with a fancy ballet horse. But not too many Wisconsinites get to fly the 70 miles between their two homes on a state-owned plane on a routine basis.

9. Not on My Radar PAC


Anything Scott Walker doesn't want to discuss just isn't "on his radar" -- marriage equality, pay equity, women's healthcare, kicking people off their healthcare, those taxes he raised on seniors and working families, racist/sexist/homophobic emails sent by his top staff. But he won't get a free pass from national reporters -- or from far-right caucus voters -- as he starts campaigning for president so Walker's going to have to start talking.

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