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    • winstonjed44

      First of all, you comment on affirmative action, which you greatly exaggerate. There are some instances where there programs that try to increase diversity and give minorities an opportunity. It seems egregious now, but considering that there were centuries of white affirmative action in this country since it’s founding, which people always ignore, it doesn’t seem as egregious. Then you go own to generalize all blacks that are in poverty or in the “ghetto” as lazy and parasites. The whole issue of the article is about privilege, and people thinking that everyone is one an even playing field and that if people are in a bad situation, they must just be lazy or stupid.

    • winstonjed44

      The response from a lot of people on here shows exactly the problem. People aren’t even willing to admit that they have privilege. It’s not about making people feel guilty or bad, it’s just being aware that people are faced with different circumstances. It’s not supposed to be an excuse either, simply bringing the issue to light. A huge problem is that talking about racial issues or dare I say the word, racism has become taboo, as if discussing it actually is the cause of it, as some allege. Problems don’t get solved by just ignoring them, if you have a problem, you don’t just close your eyes and hope it goes away.

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