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    • Windsurf

      Htgo I totally agree with you. We are having the same problem with the Orient Heights remodel. The Orient Heights Blue Line station has been closed for months and every time we go by, there are two or three men working when there should be 20 or 30. Most of the work is not very difficult and there are plenty of unemployed workers in the union halls who could use some work. Yet when we ask the MBTA why it is taking so long all we get in reply is the standard “construction is on schedule”. I know from experience on construction work that the construction schedule is twice as long as it needs to be. And now we hear that Government Center station will be closed for 3 years as it undergoes remodeling. I can’t tell if it is incompetence or corruption but I do know it is not right. There is a lack of a customer service attitude throughout the MBTA. What is needed is an independent Inspector General to look into the mismanagement, incompetence and corruption. Certainly there needs to be some investigation on who gets these construction projects and who supplies the materials. Thanks for sounding off in BuzzFeed there are many of us out here who agree with you.

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