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12 Things You Didn't Realise You Could Ask Cortana

Yes, these are real Cortana responses. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself with Windows 10.

1. When you get roasted in the group chat:

2. When you overslept and consider not bothering to show up at all:

3. When you need to sound reaaallly professional:

4. When you go to the gym two days in a row:

5. When you start questioning the point of it all:

6. When someone coughs on you:

7. When you make eye contact with a girl in the pub:

8. When you need to fill the awkward silence ASAP:

9. When you’re sleeping alone again tonight:

10. When you forgot your anniversary again this year:

11. When you just have to ask...

12. When you’re still not entirely sure what Cortana really is:

Let curiosity get the better of you thanks to your own personal assistant for Windows 10, Cortana.