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11 Seriously Useful Things Only Windows PCs Can Do

Windows has changed a lot since you were a kid.

19 Things You Completely Forgot About Your Dial-Up PC

*bee boo bip boo do boo bip, scrrrrrizzle, schhihihztzt, schruhuhrthskd* Thankfully, Windows 10 PCs have left dial-up far behind.

12 Things You Didn't Realise You Could Ask Cortana

Yes, these are real Cortana responses. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself with Windows 10.

12 Words That Have A Different Meaning Online

It's been a long time since these words meant their dictionary definition to you. The HP Stream 11 works both online and offline, so we've got you covered either way.

18 Facts That Will Lighten Your Mood

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. The HP Stream 11 is a PC light enough to lift your mood all on its own.

12 Things You Need To Start Being Honest About

It's confession time — we all need to be more open, right? Whether you're at work or play, Windows knows as well as you do, honesty is the best policy.

10 Workplace Buzzwords And What They Really Mean

Is it just us, or do people talk funny at work? Here's your one-stop resource from Windows to help you work out what they're really saying.

10 People Who Truly Love Their Jobs

Ah, the dream. Doing what you love, and loving what you do. According to Windows, it's easy.

11 Ways To Trick Out Your Work Desk

What a difference a fun desk makes. Get excited! Windows wants you to add more play to your workday.

12 Types Of People You Find In Every Office

It takes all sorts. Sure, things can get rough every now and then, but Windows knows that no workplace is complete without these essential characters.

10 Animal Cam Sites You Need To Favourite

Tough day at the office? There was never a bad day cute animals couldn't fix. Here are some awesome animal live cams from Windows to add more play to your workday.