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10 Ways To Make Work Feel Like Play

Don't let your 9-to-5 drag you down! Use these tips to spice things up at the office, because Windows thinks you should be able to have fun at work if you want to.

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Let's just keep it simple to start. Trick out your work environment.

1. Convince your cubicle buddy that you're using alien technology.

Funimation Entertainment / Via

For real though, get a holographic keyboard and see what everyone says. As long as you still get your work done, it's all good, right?

2. Design your own dynamic desktop background. / Via

Use the Rainmeter app to make your desktop look beautiful, alive, and present information that you want to be able to see at any given moment. Oh, who are we kidding... just do it so you can have something cool to stare at while procrastinating on that report!

3. Use this little trick to hide the contents of your screen to everyone but you.

Brusspup / / Via

If anyone has something smart to say about it, simply respond with a cool and calculated — *pulls down sunglasses* — "Deal with it."

So far so good? All right. Time to find a little humor in the workplace.

5. Take it upon yourself to eliminate awkwardness in the restroom. / Via

This helpful XKCD article provides a mathematical method for reducing bathroom awkwardness. Study it, then wait patiently to see how people react.

Good stuff. You may now make your co-workers' lives miserable.

9. Short-Term Prank: Terrify everyone in the office.

BuzzFeed / Via BuzzFeed

Materials: Paper, pen, cup, some sort of weight (book, in this case).

Assembly time: 1 minute, 23 seconds.

10. Long-Term Prank: Replace the coffee each day with decaf. / Via

Then once everyone weans themselves off of caffeine (1–2 weeks), switch back to the extra-strong blend and watch the office go nuts. Try not to look too devious, it'll give it away.

For the best of both work AND play... honestly, you'll love the new Windows.

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