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London Is Revolutionizing Its Underground Transit

The population in London has been rapidly growing for years, gaining over 100,000 people per year since 2001. With such a large population, there's an amplified need for reliable transportation. In London, residents primarily depend on the Underground (or the Tube), a system of rapid transit much like a subway. The London Underground caters to a majority of Greater London as well as other counties in the U.K. As the population continues to grow, transportation is expected to grow along with it. London has created a program that will not only improve the efficiency of traveling but also the satisfaction of the Underground passengers. London is introducing the new Tube, and the newly imagined design is expected to completely remodel the world of underground transportation.

Check Out How Well This Impressively Trained Dog Sabotages A Cooking Show

Youtube user Inosemarine and his pet dog are not quite ready to start their rounds on the cooking show circuit. Although the duo is well known across Japan, they are certainly not known for their cooking talents. Mari the Shiba Inu has been notoriously dubbed a "bad dog" by many of the Japanese media outlets. But, the media also recognizes that Mari has been trained to be naughty. Every moment in the pup's video is choreographed, practiced and executed with precision by Mari. The Shiba Inu is considered the oldest and smallest of Japan's six native dog breeds. Originally bred to flush out small game and birds, they are best known for their hunting skills, feisty spirits and alertness. Without proper training in their younger years, these dogs can become aggressive and are more difficult to train as they age.

This Is How You Ride A Custom Motorcycle

Imagine driving down the street and glancing in the rearview mirror to see one of the aliens from the "Predator" movie franchise coming up from behind. Although a situation like this might cause most people to take a second glance, others tend to grab their phones and record the craziness that they are seeing. The aliens are featured in five "Predator" movies, and yet the name of the alien race is never specifically identified. The names Yautja and Hish-qu-Ten have been used alternatively in the movies to describe the species. Known to be hunters with technological advancements that far exceed human capabilities, the aliens are scary characters. The design of the aliens was created by special effects makeup artist Stan Winston. His studio created all the physical effects for "Predator" and "Predator 2" including the body suit and the mechanical devices used for facial effects.

Homemade Doggy Wheelchairs Give Disabled Dogs A Chance To Run Again

After his dog, Mica, suffered a spinal injury in 2010, Dragan Dimitrijevic made her a wheelchair from spare parts. He used small wheels, plastic pipes and old belts to construct her wheelchair and Mica could not have been happier. Able to again play at the park with her dog friends and take walks with Dimitrijevic, Mica was acting like her old self in no time. Word of the wheelchair spread across the region and before long, Dimitrijevic was receiving orders from all over Serbia, as well as other Balkan countries. The computer programmer has since made 80 wheelchairs for pets in need and states that he has a "soft heart for dogs." It makes him happy to see the dogs able to do most of the things a normal dog can do. Dimitrijevic shares that each wheelchair is developed after consultation with the veterinarian and then completed to meet each animal's specific needs.

This Clever Commercial Will Play Tricks On Your Brain

Skoda is an auto company based in the Czech Republic. The company has grown significantly since its beginnings in 1895 and is now a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group as of 2000. Skoda has just released its new, attention-stealing, third-generation Fabia. The fresh design is both "stylish and economical," as expressed by Skoda. And, just to show how eye-catching the Fabia is, Skoda is testing you with this subtle attention test. Experience just how hard it is to keep your eyes off of this beautiful new Fabia.

Didga The Skateboarding Cat Grinds The Rails At A Local Skate Park

Robert Dollwet hooked up his cat, Didga, with a GoPro camera and let her take to the skateparks. Didga is a skateboarding cat from Australia who was rescued by her owner, Dollwet. Dollwet has over 33 years experience in training animals and is most known for training the pets of Hollywood's stars. He now lives on the Gold Coast of Australia as an animal trainer. The animal trainer also maintains two YouTube channels that he updates frequently to offer training tips, as well as funny clips featuring his animals like Didga. Cats are fiercely intelligent animals but are known to be difficult to train at times. The inability to train a cat typically has very little to do with the cat's abilities and more to do with the human-cat interactions. Cats respond better to positive reinforcement more than any other training technique. They tend to respond to punishment with fear rather than obedience.

Strangers Secretly Learn Sign Language To Help The Hearing-Impaired

Hearing is a critical component of human life. Being able to hear allows for humans to work, interact, communicate, and even socialize at the highest levels. On the other hand, not having the ability to hear often leads to feelings of isolation and depression. So with Samsung Turkey launching its new services for those with hearing impairments, it will provide one less barrier in the world for those without hearing. In Samsung's new advertisement for their visual calling centers, they create an opportunity to perform a heartwarming stunt. In the clip, Muharrem is a regular guy who happens to have hearing loss. As he meets up with his sister to complete some daily tasks, he begins to take notice that every person he encounters can also speak to him using sign language. Although pleasantly surprised, it is clear that he is perplexed. His reaction at the end is truly priceless.

String Trio Does An Invigorating Classical Cover Of Avicii's "Wake Me Up"

Since 2010, the music trio, Simply Three, has been making the genre of classical crossover look easy. Simply Three is simply that, just three guys who play violin, cello and bass. They are Glen McDaniel on violin, Zack Clark on cello and Nicholas Villalobos on bass. Known for their covers of pop music as much (if not more) as their original songs, the trio have graced the stages of some of the United States' most heralded concert halls as well as shared the recording studio with some of pop's greats. Their cover of 2013's "Wake Me Up" by Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii is simply divine. The trio manages to incorporate their technical mastery into melodies already well known by the general public. This often results in a cover that is nearly as compelling as the initial release. Many of the artists covered by Simply Three have taken to social media to express how much they love the work.

This Wrestler's Story Brought A Middle School Assembly To Tears

Middle school students are not the easiest to motivate or inspire, but former WWE Wrestling Champion Marc Mero, is able to do so in less than five minutes. In fact, he brings many of them to tears with his moving story and message regarding his experiences with his own mother, her passing and his regrets in their relationship. After his parents divorced when he was eight, Mero grew up with his siblings in a poor section of New York. His mother worked two jobs to give the family all they needed and was very encouraging. Early on, Mero narrowed his sights on athletics where he has earned accolades in multiple sports like hockey, football, boxing and eventually, professional wrestling. Mero's focus is on inspiring children with his business, Champion of Choices, Inc. The mission of the organization is to "empower students to make healthy and positive choices that lead to lifelong success."

Adorable Turtle Emerges From His Refrigerated Hibernation

After four full months of hibernation, artist Neil Slorance slowly unpacked his pet tortoise, Herman. Tortoises can hibernate for up to eight months, depending on where they live. In captivity, tortoise owners should keep their pets in a similar climate as that to which they would be subjected in the wild. Slorance shares his whole process of keeping Herman safe and sound during hibernation as well as coming out of it.

Thawing Pipe Creates A Tranquil Cascading Waterfall

Winter is slowly coming to a halt and spring is just around the corner. That means many states are finally thawing out. Roads are getting cleared, snowstorms are few and far between, and all of the ice is starting to melt. In fact, Suzanne Carroll got an incredible view of her pipes unfreezing. The ice encasing this pipe is actually thawing from the inside out. Melting ice has never looked so cool.

Octopus Makes A Last-Minute Attempt To Escape Its Tank

It's the prison break being talked about around the world. While vacationing in Seattle recently, Alex Bracken of Plymouth, Michigan took this footage of a giant Pacific octopus named Ink trying to get out of his tank at the Seattle Aquarium. Since the Internet loves a good prison bust, the video went viral quickly. In reality, however, this wasn't actually an escape attempt. Octopuses are highly intelligent and inquisitive creatures, and behavior specialists at the zoo agreed that Ink was just exploring the boundaries of his new home. He will be released back into the Puget Sound next year as part of the aquarium's ongoing education and conservation program.

Two Ice Fishermen Get The Ultimate Surprise Catch

Ice fishing is a form of sport that involves fishing through a hole in the ice on a frozen body of water. The sport is popular in most cultures that experience long winter freezes. In North America, it's commonly a social experience often involving a portable, heated cabin that can be set up on the ice. In Scandinavia, however, ice fishing is seen as a solitary activity and a time for quiet contemplation and communion with nature. These ice fishermen in Pennsylvania got the catch of a lifetime - a red-breasted merganser. The merganser is a type of duck that often spends extended time diving underwater for food, which is probably how it got onto their fishing line. After checking the bird for injuries, they happily released it into the wild.

This Baby's Reaction To His Crying Dad Shows The True Bond Between Father And Son

Since babies can't communicate verbally, they are actually far better at picking up on visual/facial cues than most people think. At just a few months old, babies can easily distinguish between happy and sad faces. Being able to empathize with those emotions helps the baby bond to the adult, increasing its survival rate from an evolutionary perspective. Fabian Herrera was playing around with his 3-year-old daughter Lucia, who was jumping on his stomach. He started fake crying to calm her down and that's when 6-month-old Aris started crying right along with him in a touching display of empathy. Fabian decided to record the special moment, which quickly went viral.

In Case You Didn't Know How Awesome Sammy Davis Jr. Was

Sammy Davis Jr. was an icon of American entertainment. He started his career as a small child, dancing with his father and "uncle" Will in the "Will Mastin Trio," (which this video shows, with an adult Sammy). He went on to be part of the legendary "Rat Pack" along with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford. Together, they appeared in classic films such as "Ocean's 11" and "Sergeants Three." His legacy endures to this day, with tributes from artists like soul singer Amy Winehouse all the way to heavy metal band Gwar. He was also a significant supporter of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, having seen firsthand the racism endured by performers of color, and received a Spingarn Medal from the NAACP in 1968.

Despite Her Inability To Walk Or Talk, This Little Girl Skates For The First Time

Five-year-old Cammy Babiarz is a lifelong Chicago Blackhawks fan. She's also part of a small group of people afflicted with Rett syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes scoliosis, growth failure, underdevelopment of the hands, feet and head and generally leaves the afflicted unable to walk or talk. Rett syndrome is very rare and seems to occur almost exclusively in females. When her family had a chance to have Cammy meet her favorite player, Duncan Keith, they sent in an application hoping for the best. The Blackhawks delivered, and you can see the pride Keith feels when announcing he's her favorite player. The team surprised the family by telling them to bring Cammy's special harness, so she could actually skate with her new BFF.