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7 Things We Learned Watching Scott Angelus On Live TV

TGFi CIO, author and "Prince of Wall Street" Scott Angelus appeared on Financial News Channel's Power Breakfast this morning with fill-in host James Locke, for what he probably expected to be a fluffy segment hocking his new book, Trading Up. Instead, the world was treated to a 10-minute live interview train wreck birthed from a Shonda Rhimes fever dream. We've picked our 7 favorite moments for you but we recommend watching the full interview here. This is a fictional, promotional post for the short film SPiN starring Hartley Sawyer and Wilson Cleveland.

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4. He Totally Gets America

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When you grow up like Gatsby in the enchanted forrest of Connecticut, you learn a thing or two about what everyday Americans need to survive which, according to Angelus, has something to do with soda.

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