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Trying To Remember What Happened On Season 4 Of "Game Of Thrones," Illustrated

Never go to a wedding, everybody dies, and also there are boobs.

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HBO's Game of Thrones returns this Sunday! To prepare for a new season of adventure and subterfuge, we asked several BuzzFeed staffers to draw what they remember from last season.


Because there's no better way to refresh your memory than to barely — barely — recall something you watched over a year ago.

Stannis' scaly-faced daughter Shireen teaches Davos how to read for eight episodes straight and it's very cute.

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Shireen's face is all kinds of fucked up in this picture.

Grey Worm saw Missandei's boobies – but their love is forbidden because he doesn't have a penis. Also society. IDK. It's fanfiction, leave them alone.

Question 2: Did Jon Snow and Sex Ghost Khal Drogo have a steamy makeout session apropos of nothing or did that not happen?

*sobs into duvet endlessly, my tears flowing into a river that drowns everything it meets*

Monique Steele / BuzzFeed

RIP Oberyn. You were hot and openly bisexual and you mattered.

And then locks up her dragons because she figured out that leaving a troupe of murder lizards free to roam the countryside is a bad idea.

Arya Stark refuses to mercy-kill the Hound after Brienne beats him up and drops him off a cliff.

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

Everyone is bummed out that Arya and the Hound won't be hanging out next season because they're the BEST.

ANNOUNCEMENT: There was some confusion in the office about Tyrion Lannister's name, and from this point forward we will refer to him exclusively as Tyrone.

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