12 Annoying Bedtime Thoughts That Really Stress Us Out

    Lights out. Tucked in. Wide awake.

    Meet Talbot! He's your bedtime anxiety...in a little hat.

    1. He's got one mission: to keep you awake at all cost!

    One of his favorite tricks is to bring up uncomfortable questions like...

    2. How's your health? REALLY.

    3. What the f@%k was that sound?

    4. When will there be another extinction event and what if you're around for it? Yikes!

    5. Did you lock all the doors?

    6. Are you being a good plant parent?

    7. Why did you think that eating an entire wheel of cheese right before bedtime was a good idea?

    9. Which of the many subjects that stress you out will bubble to the surface tonight?

    10. Were you a decent human being today or a total waste of space?

    11. Remember your ex? I wonder how THEY'RE doing?

    12. What happened with your former BFF?

    13. What did that person mean when they said that one thing? Maybe it's no big deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

    14. Is your phone trying to tell you something really important right now or is it just a useless notification you should have switched off but never did?

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