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    12 People Gay Men Find In Their Phone

    Open up your phone contact list, scroll through it, and try to figure out who some of those random names are.

    1. This sweetie.

    2. So many scruffs, so little time.

    3. It's like Hasselhoff but more doggy.

    4. After years of intense sibling rivalry he moved to the big city and finally got out of Cold's shadow.

    5. Can't wait to meet Mr. and Mrs. Cute at our first Thanksgiving together!

    6. But can he feather my nest?

    7. Maybe we loved too hard and drank too deeply of love's chalice.

    8. Miss him.

    9. I've been to Grindr but I've never been to me.

    10. Maybe it's his stage name?

    11. Everybody's fave.

    12. Cheers to you my old friend.