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19 Things Every Londoner Learns When They Move To Bristol

Pirate fancy dress is now the norm.

1. Your skinny jeans don't fit like they used to.

2. And you still think cabs should be black, not blue.

3. But at least you're completely comfortable with any sort of pirate fancy dress these days.

4. London's drinking trends no longer mean anything to you.

5. You love that your friends think you live here...

6. ...when, in actual fact, these are the only people who live there.

7. You get embarrassed when your London friends visit and act a bit "too London".

8. You explain areas of Bristol to your friends by comparing them to areas of London.

9. You've had to up your foodie game massively since you moved here...

10. ...but secretly you're a bit gutted that everything's so ~artisan~.

11. You love going to Cornwall and meeting Londoners.

Primarily so you can ask them how long it took them to get there.

12. In Bristol, nobody cares how much your house cost.

13. Just when you thought you'd had enough of mayors with flair... you got stuck with another one.

14. You're planning to try Fire Poi in St Andrew's Park next summer.

15. Even though you're scared to admit it, sometimes you can't understand a word people say here.

16. And you don't understand why Temple Meads doesn't have any shops.

17. You miss Riz Lateef more than some of your friends.

18. You thought you'd heard the last of "south of the river?" comments from taxi drivers when you left London.

19. And even though you're out of London, you still keep on eye over your shoulder when walking home at night.