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18 Things Everyone Needs To Eat In Bristol

Get eating.

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1. Falafel from Falafel King


The undisputed chickpea monarch of Bristol, complete with pitta bread from the only Middle Eastern bakery in the city.

3. Cake from Ahh Toots at St Nicholas' Market

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @tamisapan

Almost every kind of incredible hand made cake, including vegan and gluten free masterpieces. Large slices of sweetness.

5. Vegetarian curry at Thali Cafe

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @winchette1984

Umami in a tiffin tin - an explosion of flavour, texture and colour with a street-food edge.

6. Vegetarian dim sum at Water Sky

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @tigerlillyquinn

Delicate bite-sized mouthfuls of comfort, steaming and fresh from the busy kitchen.

7. Burgers at Chomp Grill, St Nicholas’ Street


Juicy handmade burgers on pillow-soft buns, packed with your choice of garnishes.

8. Egg and bacon muffin at Harts Bakery

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @harrygoring

Salty, crispy bacon latticed over a fresh, egg-covered savoury muffin. Perfect split open, buttered, with a hot cup of tea.

9. Fresh bagels at The Stock Exchange Bakery

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @thestockexchangebakery

Moist and chewy on the inside, shiny on the outside, ready to be toasted or thickly covered with your choice of filling.

10. Craft beer and a real sausage roll at The Star and Dove

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @bruntino

Herby, locally sourced pork sausagemeat wrapped in the butteriest, crispiest warm pastry possible.

11. Aloo Tikki Chat from Gopal's Curry Shack

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @bristolbites

Gorgeous combination of hearty Indian ingredients, with sweet, sour and crunchy garnishes.

12. Roast pork and moo dang sauce Baowow

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @bristolbites

Succulent pork layered with rice, noodles, fresh herbs and delicious authentic sauce.

13. Pizza at Beerd

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @bristolnobody

Thin, crispy base and piping hot melted cheese covered with crunchy cauliflower, blue cheese and a chilli kick. A lovely pizza washed down with your favourite beer.

14. Chickpeas and rice, Al Bab Mansour, St Nicholas' Market

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @the_bristol_parent

Aromatic, hearty, fresh middle eastern flavours in the cosiest market surroundings.

15. Vegan Affogato from Cafe Kino

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @lorimacsmif

Dark, bitter hot coffee topped with the creamiest of vegan vanilla ice creams.

16. Peaches and Cream milkshake, from Lashings


Ripe peaches and creamy milk topped with a whipped cream crown.

17. Vegan jam doughnut from The Mighty Food Fight Truck, Old Market

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @themightyfoodfight

Fluffy, sugary, fresh and probably still warm.

18. Figuette cheeses from Papadeli

instagram.com / Via Instagram: @papadeli

The creamiest cheeses with individual flavours, just ripe for a baguette and a class of cold white wine.

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