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18 Street Foods You Must Eat In Bristol

Eat on the street.

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1. The Spotless Leopard / Via instagram/thespotlessleopard

An all vegan street-food truck. The scrambled organic Tofu in a wrap with organic veggies and seeds is particularly good.

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3. Viet Vite / Via Instagram

Bursting with warmth, and delicious bite-sized Vietnamese lushness. Look out for the fluffy bahn-mi.

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4. Burger Theory / Via instagram/burgertheoryuk

The juiciest, freshest street burgers with an offbeat twist. Try the Haba-oh-no!... a burger infused with habanero chillies, lime, garlic and cumin with after-burn cheddar and jalapeño relish.

Keep up with their whereabouts here


5. Bertha's pizza / Via instagram/berthaspizza

Stunning sourdough based pizza baked for 60-90 seconds in 500 degree heat. Try the Beets – mozzarella, kiln roast salmon, beets, goats cheese and pine nuts

Check out the rest of the menu here

6. Ah-Ma's dim sum and sushi / Via instagram/andysherm

Cantonese dim sum with locally sourced meat and veg and no MSG. Ah-Ma means "touch the heart" – and it does!

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7. Gopal's Curry Shack / Via instagram/gopalscurryshack

Hot sundries with a local vibe, pakoras, bhajis, chat, and cakes with an Indian twist.

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12. The Mighty Food Fight / Via instagram/themightyfoodfight

Feast on vegan sweet and savoury treats with some truly innovative and tempting daily specials, like this mouthwatering oozey boozey rum and Ubuntu cola cocktail donut.

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13. Pickle Bristol / Via instagram/picklebristol

Lunchtime happiness from this trailer-based outfit – here, Italian stew with sausage.

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14. Niang's Thai Snacks / Via instagram/niangsthaisnacks

Incredible, authentic Thai street food. Here, succulent, aromatic prawn soup with fresh organic herbs.

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15. Eat Like A Greek

Eat Like A Greek / Via

Traditional Greek flavours, Aegean Olive Oil, and locally sourced fillings including perfect Halloumi, all wrapped up in soft, warm Greek flatbreads.

Get your Greek on here

16. Ah Toots / Via instagram/the_bristol_parent

The food stall of sweet fantasy. Everything is delicately handmade, like this sticky citrus, raspberry and almond bake

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17. Eat a Pitta / Via Instagram: @the_bristol_parent

Crunchy falafel served with your choice from mounds of shiny tomatoes, crisp carrot salad and traditional sundries.

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18. Big Juice / Via Instagram: @the_bristol_parent

Ice cold, thirst-quenching pure juice drinks made as you wait from the fruit and vegetables piled high on the counter.

Keep up with Big Juice here