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    18 Street Foods You Must Eat In Bristol

    Eat on the street.

    1. The Spotless Leopard

    2. The Feastie Boys

    Eleanor Willock / Via

    Perfect-sized sub rolls, thickly packed with meats, cheeses, sauces and flavour, with a North American twist

    Find out where they'll be next here

    3. Viet Vite

    4. Burger Theory

    5. Bertha's pizza

    6. Ah-Ma's dim sum and sushi

    7. Gopal's Curry Shack

    8. Moorish

    Eleanor Willock / Via

    Intricately flavoured East-African hot flatbreads. Baked in minutes in front of your eyes, combined with flavour-filled crunchy, colourful salads.

    Check out more Moorish here

    9. Rolling Italy

    Eleanor Willock / Via

    Golden arancini rice balls, crunchy on the outside, savoury-sticky on the inside, dressed and served on a chunky winter salad

    Track Rolling Italy all over town on Twitter

    10. Agnes Spencer's

    Eleanor Willock / Via

    Astonishingly good goat curry and rice, and the biggest, juiciest, fieriest jerk chicken wraps in Bristol

    Chase the chicken round the city on Twitter

    11. Jacob's

    Eleanor Willock / Via

    Painstakingly and lovingly made falafel and hummus, perfectly wrapped in the freshest of breads.

    Find out where Jacob's touches down each week here

    12. The Mighty Food Fight

    13. Pickle Bristol

    14. Niang's Thai Snacks

    15. Eat Like A Greek

    Eat Like A Greek / Via

    Traditional Greek flavours, Aegean Olive Oil, and locally sourced fillings including perfect Halloumi, all wrapped up in soft, warm Greek flatbreads.

    Get your Greek on here

    16. Ah Toots

    17. Eat a Pitta

    18. Big Juice

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