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    • williams46

      Fuck you and stop your black whining! My grandfather died in a Pernnsylvania mine accident in 1915. He was a white Czech immigrant who came over here with his wife, my grandmother. They lived in a company house, bought from a company store and were usually not allowed to leave the company property. They were basically slaves since they never improved from a deficit financial condition with the mine company. When my grandfather died my grandmother and the kids, including my own mother, were evicted from the company property. The kids were shipped out to relatives and other persons the family knew never to live together again. NONE of my mother’s five children, nor any of her siblings’ children or grandchildren, were ever addicted to drugs, never had any illegitimate children and never spent any time in prison. This was white people that treated my grandparents like slaves just like black people were sold into slavery by their own people. It is human nature for the powerful, if left unchecked, to prey on the weak and disadvantaged. Do not use the unfortunate circumstances of your ancestors as a tired old lame excuse for your lazy and irresponsible lifestyle choices and ultimate condition!

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