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    • williamg12

      Board of Directors (current) [edit]
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      Alfred Amoroso (2012) – Former Chairman, Yahoo! Inc.
      JohnDHayes (2012) – Executive Vice President, American Express Company and former President of Lowe & Partners
      Sue James Retired Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
      Max Levchin (2012) Chairman and CEO, HVF, LLC
      Peter Liguori (2012) Former Chief Operating Officer, Discovery Communications, Inc. and former Chairman and President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company
      Daniel S. Loeb (2012)
      Marissa Mayer (2012) – CEO Yahoo! Inc.
      ThomasJMcInerney (2012) – Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, IAC/InterActiveCorp
      Maynard Webb (2012) – Interim Chairman, Yahoo! Inc., founder, Webb Investment Network and chairman and former CEO of LiveOps
      Harry J. Wilson (2012)
      Michael Wolf (2012)

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