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These Are The Horrible Things People Say To Football Journalists Every Day

You think writing about football is a dream job? Think again

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Some people get paid to write about football for a living. Pretty sweet gig, right? WRONG.

You need to have thick skin as, football fans being football fans, like to tell it how it is.

Here, look, we've found some examples of the daily abuse hacks can expect to receive...

A simple request...

stan collymore stop tweeting shit


@MochineGun Having seen @OllieHolt22 on Sunday Supplement, I expect nothing better from that smug, obnoxious cunt.

I hope there's not more...

@OllieHolt22 you do talk some shit, if that was #Arsenal out there tonight you'd have slated every player, fan, tea lady and coach driver

...Oh, god, there is more

@neilashton_ should be an enquiry how you work as a football journalist-you clueless prick

Don't hold back, mate

Well, that's original


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Zinger tower

Oh look captain hindsight Henry Winter is writing shit articles again! I would love a day when all this lazy shit journalism dies! #AFC

Stick to watching football instead of writing about it. Much safer, guys.

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