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This Is The Pun-Filled Webcomic You Never Knew You Needed

Because sometimes XKCD just isn't enough.

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Hejibits is a weekly webcomic that covers a variety of topics. Hejibits is written and drawn by undergrad animation major John Kleckner, whose puns are the stuff that dreams are made of.

In fact, number puns are a favorite of his.

And he will make you love them.

He also does puns about the everyday struggles...

He'll write a pun about pretty much anything, really.

I legitimately LOLed.

I legitimately LOLed.

As a gamer, he also loves making comics about the classics...

Including the modern classics.

He knows that social interactions are a constant struggle.

I feel you.

I feel you.

And sometimes, you just can't.

But John knows that puns can carry the day, even when you're feeling blue.

Hejibits updates Mondays. For more punny goodness, you can also follow him on Tumblr.

Pun long and prosper, John

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