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32 People Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun Taking Pokemon Go Screenshots

Warning: This article contains puppies cuddling with Pidgeys.

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1. This guy may or may not have just finished his business...

Instagram: @mrheck87

3. I think this rare find plus the outfit qualifies her to be a Fairy-type gym leader, wouldn't you say?

4. Poor Lapras wants to get back to the ocean

Instagram: @gabrielle


7. Who's got the Windex? Something's growing on the side of our coffee table...

Instagram: @falcron

8. Watch the wipers, Poliwag!

Instagram: @thefuk_gio

The freeway is probably not the safest place for a Pokemon. Or, you know, this game.

10. Get 'em, boy! Use Tackle!

Instagram: @littleleiacorgi

I said Tackle, not Lick!

11. Makes sense that he's a Chargers fan.

Instagram: @chargers

I think it's time to drive down to San Diego because I still haven't found a Pikachu.

15. One of my worst fears realized: a bird flying in my car window.

Instagram: @blondebatman_bulldogs

17. Not sure that's how it works either, boys.

Instagram: @mvpzak

18. I'm not sure Professor's going to give you candy after seeing this.

Instagram: @pokemon_go_trainer

19. Well, what goes in must come out:

Instagram: @tjsparks

I suppose it's only natural that the best moments revolve around Magikarp

20. Pikachu: The ultimate Sk8er Boi

21. Here's another one on a sleeping dog. Because why not.

Instagram: @pittie_raven

22. But let's not leave out our feline friends.

Instagram: @lizcisco

23. Let's just say I've got something in my back pocket.

Instagram: @jables288

24. Something tells me she's tired of her husband playing this damn game.

Instagram: @pokemongo_in_weird_places

27. "Hey there! Just buying some eggs and fresh milk. Don't mind me!"

Instagram: @e

28. Laugh now Jynx. Jaywalking tickets are real.

Instagram: @ehfish

29. Why can't you be more like Clefairy here. Gold star for you, Clefairy.

Instagram: @nimikie

30. I'm guessing she wanted a more private experience.

Instagram: @curvecreation

31. This guy needs to watch where he's putting his hands.

Instagram: @jonathan2006

32. And lastly, me. Because I never miss an excuse for a mirror selfie.

Instagram: @good_willhunt

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