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    32 People Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun Taking Pokemon Go Screenshots

    Warning: This article contains puppies cuddling with Pidgeys.

    1. This guy may or may not have just finished his business...

    2. Weedle always goes hard

    3. I think this rare find plus the outfit qualifies her to be a Fairy-type gym leader, wouldn't you say?

    4. Poor Lapras wants to get back to the ocean

    5. This isn't what I ordered...

    6. Don't mess with the popular girls

    7. Who's got the Windex? Something's growing on the side of our coffee table...

    8. Watch the wipers, Poliwag!

    9. Who's winning this cute contest?

    10. Get 'em, boy! Use Tackle!

    11. Makes sense that he's a Chargers fan.

    12. Someone made a friend.

    13. Erm, oh my...

    14. Ok Fluffy. DON'T. MOVE.

    15. One of my worst fears realized: a bird flying in my car window.

    16. That's not how it works, dad.

    17. Not sure that's how it works either, boys.

    18. I'm not sure Professor's going to give you candy after seeing this.

    19. Well, what goes in must come out:

    20. Pikachu: The ultimate Sk8er Boi

    21. Here's another one on a sleeping dog. Because why not.

    22. But let's not leave out our feline friends.

    23. Let's just say I've got something in my back pocket.

    24. Something tells me she's tired of her husband playing this damn game.

    25. Mother's Day at the park

    26. Perfect beach day.

    27. "Hey there! Just buying some eggs and fresh milk. Don't mind me!"

    28. Laugh now Jynx. Jaywalking tickets are real.

    29. Why can't you be more like Clefairy here. Gold star for you, Clefairy.

    30. I'm guessing she wanted a more private experience.

    31. This guy needs to watch where he's putting his hands.

    32. And lastly, me. Because I never miss an excuse for a mirror selfie.

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