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    Which Wilco Band Member Are You?

    Answer the questions in this Random Name Generator and find out which member of the Chicago-based rock band Wilco you are.

    1. If you were a member of the Peanuts gang, who would you be?

    2. If you could take one item from the Loft (Wilco's Chicago recording studio) home, what would it be?

    3. If you could spend one day in a studio with any artist, past or present, you'd choose:

    4. What's your ideal vacation?

    5. Your Favorite Movie Genre is:

    6. You're riding on a tour bus from Minneapolis to Denver, to kill time on that long-ass drive you:

    7. You haven't been home for two months. Aside from rekindling the romance with your sweetie, the thing you want to do most when you get home is:

    8. What's your current mood?

    9. Which baseball team are you rooting for?

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