The Elastic Stickia Stark

I am…. not sure what to do with this one at all. There are sooooo many things that are blatantly borrowed from other people that I don’t know if I want to write and release her story. The colors looking like watergd26’s Molly for example. It kinda sounds like everything other character synopses that goes nowhere too. Stickia Stark (pronounced “Stick-ee-ah”) is a very bubbly seventeen year old elastic girl, and strives to be Los Angeles’s sole superhero in a world where there are none. On a field trip, she demonstrates two of her other powers, adhesiveness when wet, and extreme vertigo spells. On a hot late June afternoon, she stumbles over a table of chemicals, and gets some beakers of stuff stuck to her. All come off unopened but one. This one, she accidentally hides and goes home with it. Stickia gets yelled at by her distant mother and loving mad scientist father who made her elastic since birth. Her father punishes her and puts the beaker in his lab for a later return. Unfortunately, his super powered, and very, very jealous and bitter son, Fuse, who’s acidic superpowers are so potent that he is a glob in a jar, is chemically attracted to the stuff, and so is Stickia. The physical attraction is so strong that the beaker of stuff breaks out and both Fuse and Stickia are drawn to it. Fuse gets most of the stuff on him, and goes on a rampage across Los Angeles. Stickia gets a quarter of it, and is unsure of what it does. I’m not sure where it goes from there, aside of her stopping her acidic older brother, but that’s what I’ve got. If I write and sell it, it might be an older teen YA novel. There’s a love interest there too that I have yet to properly develop thrown in too. This idea came about around five thirty in the morning when i was getting up for class. I was half asleep, and I saw a person with Melodia’s body and Anne Longford’s head, both drawn by Kidd-P. A voice just said: Stickia Stark. Story ideas from dreams don’t usually work, like Stephanie Meyer should have known, so I don’t know what to do with her. I just don’t know yet.

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