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Ms. Fan Comic

I'm no exception; case in point. I have bad fanart in my gallery too. I hope I made this ambiguous enough to draw your own meaning from it, but what I personally meant is that I find it kinda beginner-esque to use someone elses pre-existing characters to use in your own stories unless you know what to do with them, otherwise it won't match what the established work had shown. Oh yeah, two different exceptions do apply. One is the aforementioned knowing what to DO with the characters and settings, and second can only be said with this video: Yes, I'm sick of it too. Running the asylum is what I believe happened to The Simpsons as well. Too much absurdity from grown up fans who don't know what to do with the characters lead to less sentimentality, and lowering overall quality. I hope you enjoy the little comic, I tried to stay as true to the characters as I could. I hope I don't fall into the same predicament i described above.

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