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12 Signs You Grew Up Next To A Slate Quarry

You can take the boy out of the slate quarry, but you can never take the slate quarry out of the boy.

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1. THIS was the view from your bedroom window!

2. Your nickname in school was "Slate Quarry Jim."

3. All your hand-me-downs were dusty hard hats and tattered neon work vests.

4. You didn't need texting because THIS is how you communicated with your friends!

5. People feel uncomfortable saying "rock on!" in your presence.

6. You get WAAAAY too excited whenever someone mentions a quarry in a movie!

7. No one in school could COME CLOSE to matching your auger drill bit collection!

8. You LOSE YOUR FUCKING SHIT when someone refers to slate as "schist."

9. Instead of saying grace before every meal, your family would chant, "slate. Slate. Slate. Slate. Slate. Slate. Slate."

10. You knew that the only thing better than driving to school in your off-highway truck was picking up the ladies in your off-highway truckā€¦ ALWAYS a first-class ticket to the Bone Zone ;)

11. You didn't even have to think twice about where to take your prom photos.

12. You didn't need Facebook or Twitter. You had Rock.

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