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Ten Race Car Drivers With Ridiculous Names

Race car drivers are awesome people who put their lives on the line for a sport they love. But some of them have absolutely ridiculous names. Here are ten.

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1. Dick Trickle

Dick Trickle was a NASCAR and Short Track driver who, while never winning at the highest level in stock cars, is widely regarded as the winningest driver in short track racing history. He is best known for taking smoke breaks during the broadcast, and for having his finishing position read during every NASCAR recap on SportsCenter.

2. Slick Racin Gardner

Slick Racin Gardner was an ARCA and IRL driver who was named after his mom went into labor at the Ontario Speedway. He raced in the 1996 Indianapolis 500 and started and finished 25th. He was became the youngest person to go faster than 500mph at age 16.

3. Dick Passwater

Dick Passwater was an early NASCAR driver who raced in 20 Grand National raced, and won a race at Charlotte. He retired from racing at age 29 after allowing his owner to attempt to qualify his car, and watching the tragic and fatal wreck that ensued. His wife, who was with him, convinced him to retire, and he opened an auto collision shop in Indianapolis, Indiana that still operates today.


4. Lake Speed

Lake Speed was the 1978 World Karting Champion, defeating the legendary Ayrton Senna to take the title. He remains the only American to win the title. He made the move to NASCAR after considering Formula One and CART racing, and won exactly one Cup race: The 1988 TranSouth 500. He is perhaps best known for getting punched in the head repeatedly by Michael Waltrip, though Speed was wearing a helmet at the time. He has since mostly retired from racing, except for an occasional go-kart race.

5. Will Power

Will Power is an IndyCar driver and a two time runner up for the series title. He's amassed 16 wins in just 61 IndyCar starts and is considered to be the series premiere road and street course driver. As if being named Will Power wasn't enough, his wife is named Liz Cannon. That's right. Her name is Liz Cannon-Power.

7. John Force

John Force is a 15-time Funny Car champion driver, and has won 132 NHRA Funny Car races in his career, by far the most all-time. He won the Funny car title every year from 1993-2002, and has won the title three times since then, most recently in 2010. Two of his daughters, Ashley and Courtney also race funny cars.

8. Scott Speed

Once considered to be the next great American talent, Speed ran two years in F1 without scoring a points finish then moved to NASCAR where he struggled immensely, finishing only three races in the top 10. He continues to run NASCAR in an underfunded effort. His most recent race wins came in 2008, in the minor league ARCA and Truck series.

9. Dick Seaman

Dick Seaman is widely considered to be the greatest pre-war British driver. He made seven starts on the European Championship, wining one race and turning the fastest lap in two. He died in 1939 after taking the 'dry' racing line during 'wet' racing conditions and hit a tree. Mercedes-Benz, which owned the car he drove, ordered his photo displayed at all their dealerships after his death.

10. Twig Zeigler

Twig Zeigler is an Funny Car driver who raced full time from 1972-1976. After a wreck in 1980 he returned back to racing quickly, he started an event with his leg in a cast. He now runs events on the nostalgia circuit.

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