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    21 Celebrities That Will Make You Wish You Were Multiracial

    Face it, America, multiracial people are pretty badass. Whether its for their looks or their talents, these celebrities will prove why mixed people dominate life. So, get with the program and make a mixed baby already.

    1. Paula Patton

    2. Vin Diesel

    3. Vince Vaughn

    4. Alicia Keys

    5. Shemar Moore

    6. Bruno Mars

    7. Rashida Jones

    8. Maya Rudolph

    9. Bob Marley

    10. Mariah Carey

    11. Jimi Hendrix

    12. Nicki Minaj

    13. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    14. Aubrey Plaza

    15. Zoe Saldana

    16. Drake aka Aubrey Graham aka Jimmy from Degrassi

    17. Rosario Dawson

    18. Norah Jones

    19. Halle Berry

    20. Beyonce

    21. Barack Obama

    Need I say more?

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