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    Zachary Quinto And Miles McMillan Are The Cutest Dog-Walking Couple Of All Time

    This is both couple goals AND pet owner goals.

    1. When they both wore black.

    Gardiner Anderson / GC Images

    2. When they paused at a corner just to look at each other.


    3. When the cold winter temperatures didn't stop them from walking their pups.

    Raymond Hall / GC Images

    4. When they walked their dogs to get juice.

    David Krieger / GC Images

    5. When they walked with coffee (one hot, one iced) in their hands.

    Alo Ceballos / GC Images

    6. When Zach carried both drinks while Miles scooped up the dog poop.

    Alo Ceballos / GC Images

    7. When they shared this giggle with each other.


    8. When Miles stood by while Zach took a call from Hollywood (I'm just guessing here).


    9. And when Miles held on to the dogs so that Zach could talk with his hands while on the phone.

    Raymond Hall / GC Images

    10. When they walked their dogs in the extreme heat last night.

    Teach / Teach/Moryc Welt/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

    11. Really makes you want a couple of dogs and a boyfriend, right?

    Alo Ceballos / GC Images

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