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Why Does Barack Obama Follow A "Celebrity Side Boob" Twitter Account?

I'm not saying I don't blame the man — celebrity side boob is enthralling, for sure — but the fact that our presidential twitter account is just as into glimpses of famous boobs as the rest of America is both comforting and a little suspect.

Now before you go and call the POTUS a heathen, this twitter account is by no means porn. The author of the twitter handle makes this clear in its first (and only favorited) tweet:

In fact, the account doesn't even tweet any actual photos of sideboob, just links to places that you can.

So there you have it: our President (or, perhaps, a young person on his staff) enjoys a little bit of side boob action. And at the end of the day, I ask: don't we all?

Thank you, Alison Flood, for the tip!