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What's The Worst Food Crime That's Been Committed Against You As A Vegetarian?

Tell about all of your sad lunches.

Vegetarians, hello. Welcome.

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You already know how difficult it can be when you have to eat out at a restaurant.

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It's not always easy — even though it should be.

One time a friend ordered a veggie dog (listed as such on the menu) at a restaurant and, no joke, they brought out a cooked carrot in a hot dog bun

Sometimes the restaurant will be forced to come up with something that you can actually eat, which is a risk to say the least.

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Other times you'll end up ordering every side on the menu at a restaurant to make up a "whole" meal.

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Sometimes you'll ask for the vegetarian option and get something delivered that looks like this.

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And of course, there's the classic, no-fail vegetarian staple: french fries for dinner.

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What food crimes against vegetarians have you seen in the wild? Do you have photos? We want to hear all about it!

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Share your stories and pictures in the DropBox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!