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    What Are Your Favorite Tall Brands For Shopping?

    This tall girl needs to know.

    The other day I had a moment of appreciation when I noticed that the sleeve of my new shirt was actually long enough to go all the way down to my hands. As a tall person, these types of small wins can be a day-changer.

    Tasha Bailey / Getty Images

    You see, "regular" sizes of pants never go all the way to my feet, and sleeves rarely make it past my wrists.

    Leonard Mc Lane / Getty Images

    So, I must ask: what are your favorite places to buy tall clothes?

    Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

    Do you shop at stores that specifically cater to tall people, like Alloy Apparel?

    Alloy Apparel / Via

    Or do you shop in the tall sections of stores for everyone, like Old Navy?

    Old Navy / Via

    Do you buy them in-store? Online? On Instagram?!

    Guido Mieth / Getty Images

    Please, do tell us! I would LOVE to know, and I bet lots of other tall people would, too.

    Buena Vista Entetainment / Via

    Submit your favorite tall clothing brands in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!