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Add Yours: What Are Your Favorite Face Serums?

We want to know what you like!

If you're a human being of ~a particular age~ or are someone who's into skincare, there's a good chance you've made your way into the wonderful world of facial serums.

Shameless Maya / Via

If you've experimented with these, you know there are so many to choose from. Have you found a serum that you can't live without?

Much / Via

Maybe you have a super-hydrating serum that makes your skin feel plump and luminous.

Glossier / Via

Maybe your favorite serum dries quickly and is filled with ingredients like vitamin C, malachite, and blue tansy.

Graydon Skincare / Via

Perhaps you have a go-to serum you put on every night before you fall asleep that helps you wake up fresh-faced in the morning.

Kiehls / Via

Or, maybe your favorite velvet-y serum looks gorgeous and is named after one of your favorite crystals.

Herbivore Botanicals / Via

Whatever the reason, we want to know about any serum that makes you feel like this:

Dermablend / Via

Tell us about the product and with an explanation of what you like about it below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post and/or video.