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What Are Your Favorite Celebrity-Hosted Podcasts?

*Never takes off headphones again*

Do you listen to podcasts? Great, same. But do you listen to podcasts that are hosted by celebrities?! Hey, ME TOO!

Nickelodeon / Via

Maybe you love the novice podcast stylings of Anna Faris and her famous friends.

Or maybe you like listening to a podcast full of life's unanswered questions, hosted by Russell Brand.

Maybe you love laughing your way through comedy gold from some of your favorite comedians.

(Who doesn't?)

Or maybe you like your news with a side of sativa.

Either way, we want to hear all about them!

Fox / Via

Submit your favorite celebrity-hosted podcasts— along with the reasons why you like it — in the box below, and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed post or video!