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Wendy Williams Responds To The Internet's Reaction To Her Flat Butt

"I can dish it out and I can also take it."

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Last week, Twitter lit up when paparazzi photos of the true Queen of Daytime at the beach hit the Internet.

Cpbri / Shanice King/246paps / MEGA

Today the Daytime TV gods blessed us because The Wendy Williams Show came back from summer hiatus, and Wendy set the record straight.

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So what happened? Wendy was on a romantic vacation with her husband in Barbados just minding her own business.


"I can dish it out and I can also take it. So I went to Barbados with my husband — oh yes — I did not see anybody with a camera. I am having — you know, the boy stayed here — a lover’s holiday."

And she knows about the ~uproar~ the photo caused.


"Look, I told you I like to dip it and do it and there are a lot of people who have a problem with me not having a behind."

But you know what? Wendy doesn't give a damn. She said today what she's always said about her body:


"I can buy a booty, or wear booty pops, or something like that, but I’m done with all that, you know what I mean? I’m not doing that."

But that doesn't mean she didn't have a few words for T.I.


"He threw the ball, but he was very civilized."

T.I. — if you missed it last week — reposted the photos in question on his Instagram account along with a rant.

Instagram: @troubleman31

So Wendy responded like only she can:


She continued, "And NO, we’re not fighting! In the name of Major and King and your cute family, we are not fighting, we are just grown people throwing subtle shade!"

Advantage? Wendy.


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