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    19 Things You'll Find In Vin Diesel's Closet

    Unless he's given them away.

    1. This jacket.

    2. A leather suit.

    3. Double denim.

    4. A baby blue track jacket.

    5. A kilt.

    6. MORE double denim.

    7. A white Kangol hat.

    8. A tan Kangol hat.

    9. Dog tags.

    10. Camo shorts.

    11. A t-shirt with the word "guilty" on it.

    12. A puffy jacket.

    13. A white crewneck shirt tight enough to show off the chest.

    14. A black sleeveless crewneck to show off the arms.

    15. A hoodie with no arms and a zipper to show off both arms and chest.

    16. This Michael Jordan tracksuit.

    17. A newsboy cap.

    18. White tank tops.

    (lots of them)

    19. And finally: a mask.


    An earlier edition of this post called a kilt a skirt. The author of said post is attempting to give up coffee for good (but now realizes that might be a bad idea).