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    The MC Hammer Doll And Other Relics From The 1991 Mattel Catalog

    I remember Where's Waldo and hammer pants being so hot that year, but what's with the Barbie Bath House?

    The MC Hammer Doll

    "Lights and Lace" Barbie

    The "Where's Waldo" Doll

    "Beauty And The Beast" dolls

    Li'l Miss Bedtime

    Bart and Maggie Simpsons dolls

    Barbie's "Cocoa" and "Cinnamon" dolls (WTF?)

    "Sundae Sleeper" dolls

    Little Pretty

    The Tapsie doll

    Benneton Barbies

    Prince Charming

    Mini 'n Me

    Polly Pocket rings

    "Wedding Day" (er, Wedding Night) Midge outfits

    Magic Nursery Pets

    And finally, ...the Barbie Bathouse???

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