The MC Hammer Doll And Other Relics From The 1991 Mattel Catalog

I remember Where’s Waldo and hammer pants being so hot that year, but what’s with the Barbie Bath House?

1. The MC Hammer Doll

3. “Lights and Lace” Barbie

4. The “Where’s Waldo” Doll

5. “Beauty And The Beast” dolls

6. Li’l Miss Bedtime

7. Bart and Maggie Simpsons dolls

8. Barbie’s “Cocoa” and “Cinnamon” dolls (WTF?)

9. “Sundae Sleeper” dolls

10. Little Pretty

12. Benneton Barbies

13. Prince Charming

15. Polly Pocket rings

16. “Wedding Day” (er, Wedding Night) Midge outfits

17. Magic Nursery Pets

18. And finally, …the Barbie Bathouse???

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