The Kardashian Family’s Latest Photoshop Disaster

Thank you, digital editing, for causing Bruce look to like a lady, Lamar to appear from thin air, and for making Rob thin again.

1. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is returning this summer, and as such, E! has released a new family portrait.

E! Networks / Via eonline.com

2. But they also released a video with some “behind the scenes” footage.

E! Networks / Via eonline.com

3. It was, perhaps, more revealing than hey had expected.

E! Networks / Via eonline.com

4. For example:

Lamar isn’t even in attendance.

5. What a romantic couples portrait!

E! Networks / Via eonline.com

6. Bruce Jenner has been Photoshopped to look like the Kardashian family’s estranged aunt we haven’t met yet.


Or Jim Carrey.

7. And then there was Rob. Poor Rob.

E! Networks / Via eonline.com

8. His face seems to have been Photoshopped to look thinner.


9. Like I said, poor Rob.


10. Let’s just be glad they didn’t try and pull this one over on us.

E! Networks / Via eonline.com

We all know Kanye’s not that tall! And he has legs.

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