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The Best Of Zach Braff's Reddit Account

His user name is zachinoz and he's is definitely using Reddit in all the right ways.

Eight months ago, Braff was the subject of a Reddit AMA session and apparently, he liked what he saw. He kept the user name from that session and continued posting. He also sent the following tweet:

Since then, it's been a bit of a lovefest — not that he would ever love anything more than JD loves Turk. Herewith, a look at some of his funnier actions on Reddit.

He apologized for acting like a jerk when two random people walked into his apartment.

He expressed his distaste in being Mitt Romney's distant cousin.

He used Reddit to try and get a date with Jennifer Lopez.

The link went to this YouTube video from a scene in Scrubs:

View this video on YouTube

He joins in with everybody else and makes fun of himself.

He hung out with three random twitter followers in Vienna and made a video about it.

Dear Friends,For those of you that don't know, I held a contest when I reached 1 million friends on Facebook. I said I'd visit and spend the day with whomever submitted the best 30 second video about what we'd do if I came to visit you in your home town. I narrowed it down to 10 submissions and those of you on Facebook who voted by "liking" the video chose 3 wonderful chaps from Vienna, Austria. I had an amazing day visiting these guys and here is a video of our day together featuring a score by Cary Brothers and a new song by Joshua Radin. I hope you will like it. All my best,ZB

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It's soundtracked by the Cary Brothers, so it has the vibe of Garden State if it was a documentary.

He released his bromantic holiday music video with Donald Faison on Reddit.

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He also peed on your girlfriend.

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