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    18 Of The Best Halloween Cereals That Ever Existed

    Marshmallows become spooky every October.

    1. Cap'n Crunch Halloween Crunch

    2. Jack'O'Lantern Apple Jacks

    3. Creepy Cocoa Rice Krispies

    4. Spooky Marshmallow Froot Loops

    5. Candy Corn-Flavored Corn Pops

    6. Fruity Yummy Mummy

    7. Boo Berry

    8. Ghostbusters Cereal

    Flickr: Allan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: roadsidepictures

    9. Slimer Cereal

    10. Franken Berry


    11. Halloween Rice Krispies

    12. The Addams Family Cereal

    13. Fruit Brute

    14. The Haunted Apple Jacks Manor

    15. Kreepy Rice Krispies

    16. Halloween Brew Waffle Crisp

    17. Freakies

    18. Count Chocula

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