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    Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Ryan Rottman

    The actor takes our Q&A!

    Michael Buckner / Getty. Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed.

    What's your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

    The Temptation of St. Anthony by Salvador Dali.

    When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?

    Titos vodka and soda.

    What's the one word you are guilty of using too often?


    What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

    Fly killing salt gun.

    Who is the last person that called or texted you?

    Ramsey Krull.

    What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

    My scene partner in acting class had awful breath and we had to yell at each other in the scene. I thought my brows were going to burn off. I told him I thought our characters should be chewing gum in the scene and gave him a piece to chew on.

    When is the last time you went to a theater?

    To see Neighbors at iPic in Los Angeles.

    What TV show everyone should be watching?

    The Killing and Happyland, of course.

    And what is your TV guilty pleasure?

    The entire ID Network.

    What's the first album you bought?


    What music are you currently listening to?

    Magic Man – Waves.

    What is the one food you cannot resist?


    What movie makes you laugh the most?

    Christmas Vacation.

    What drives you absolutely crazy?

    People who chew with their mouths open.

    Pick one: Kittens or puppies?


    New York or Los Angeles?

    LA (Love me some beaches).

    Comedy or drama?


    Bacon or Nutella?

    Both together.

    '80s or '90s?

    90's with my JNCO jeans. Ha!

    Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?


    And finally: tell us a secret.

    I own part of an energy drink company called, ARMA.

    Catch Ryan in MTV's Happyland — premiering tonight at 11/10c on MTV!

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