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    Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Constance Wu

    The Fresh Off The Boat actress takes our Q&A.

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    Jason Merritt / Getty. Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed.

    What's your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

    A pic of my pet bunny, Lida-Rose

    When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?

    Bourbon, rocks.

    What's the one word you are guilty of using too often?


    What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

    ”Why is my bunny sneezing” I’m a bit

    Who is the last person that called or texted you?

    My boyfriend

    What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

    Can’t recall off the top of my head, but I love awkwardness. there’s more true beauty in awkwardness than there is in coolness.

    When is the last time you went to a theater?

    Last week, I saw a production of Anna Christie, the Eugene O’Neil play. This weekend I’m seeing Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekov.

    What TV show should everyone be watching?

    Getting On.

    And what is your TV guilty pleasure?

    Tattoo Nightmares.

    What's the first CD you bought?

    Oh gosh, it was probably a musical. Maybe RENT?

    What is the one food you cannot resist?

    Thai Food. CURRY

    What music are you currently listening to?

    I don’t have any music on right now.

    What movie makes you laugh the most?


    What drives you absolutely crazy?

    When girls hate on other girls for superficial reasons.

    What's your favorite day of the year?

    I love them all equally ie I have no good answer.

    What was your first online screen name?


    What's your favorite emoji?

    The one with two pink hearts

    Pick one: Kittens or puppies?


    New York or Los Angeles?

    Silverlake > Manhattan > Beverly Hills. So, Los Angeles.

    Comedy or drama?


    Bacon or Nutella?


    Coffee or tea?


    '80s or '90s?


    Britney or Christina?


    NSYNC or BSB?


    And finally: tell us a secret.

    I love you.

    Watch Constance in Parallels — currently available on Netflix and arriving to other VOD platforms on March 31st — and Fresh Off The Boat, Tuesdays on ABC at 8/7c.

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