See Some Ridiculously Adorable Photos Of David Cross And Amber Tamblyn’s Wedding

This was clearly the best wedding ever. All photos and descriptions from Questlove’s Instagram account.

“The Reynolds #weddinginthewoods”

“Jon Glaser & the cats from Yo La Tengo chillin #weddinginthewoods”

“Celeb Impersonators were hired to entertain us. Bang! Zoom!! #weddinginthewoods”

“Walking to ceremony #weddinginthewoods”

“Ceremony #weddinginthewoods”

“Poehler, Fererra, & Biedel await the bride on a boat #weddinginthewoods”

“Princess Amber arrives in style #weddinginthewoods”

“Sir Cross awaits his queen #weddinginthewoods”

“Bliss #weddinginthewoods”

“Team Aim-Erica #weddinginthewoods”

“Blisters Make People Smile #weddinginthewoods”

“Interpretive Dancing #weddinginthewoods”

“Yo La Tengo: Wedding Band Supreme. #weddinginthewoods”

“Cheese Cake #weddinginthewoods”

” Cut The Cake #weddinginthewoods”

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