Rob Dyrdek Is Selling Burritos To Stoners

The best part? They’re 420 calories each.

As FoodBest first reported in March, the burrito company launched by Rob Dyrdek and his cousin Drama has finally arrived in some convenience stores in California.

On the brand’s website, they describe their food as such:

Loud Mouth is a novelty food brand that is bringing together the great tastes of Mexicana and Americana. For the first time in its history the frozen burrito is going through a structural transformation. Loud Mouth is going to revolutionize this age-old eating experience by blending bold and delicious flavors under the roof of a tortilla.

Currently, there are only two flavors: Cheeseburger and Pepperoni Pizza:

“Loud Mouth’s Cheeseburger Burrito is the perfect blend of an American past-time with a Mexican twist. Premium ground beef, melted cheese and our special sauce in a tasty flour tortilla – heaven in your hands!”

“Loud Mouth’s Pizza Burrito is the perfect snack for any occasion. Our spicy pepperoni and hot marinara sauce will take your taste buds on a wild ride from Italy to Mexico in every bite.”

If anybody happens to come upon these in a store and tries them, please report back! They seem equally delicious and disgusting.

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